Women's overalls are trendy

Of course, Overalls for Women have always been a staple of stylish and fashionable wardrobes. Whether in jeans, vintage or cut like a dress, the overalls are making a strong comeback so you have to take advantage of them! Great ambassadors such as Valérie Damidot, Sophie Marceau or Rihanna have dared to do so before and with success. Its quirky and timeless style gives you an undeniable lightness and confidence, that's probably what the stars like so much! But how to choose the right overalls ?

The Dungarees Dress, yes it is possible ! 💃

The devastating and vengeful style of the dress associated with the practical and trendy side of the overalls ? The inventor of this garment must be a genius! Take advantage of the practical and adjustable buckle of the Salopette with the lightness and ardor of the flounced dress . The Salopette Dress is a jewel of creativity, versatile and easy to match, you can dare it perfectly with a pair of sneakers or with a legging in tights for the cold seasons ❄️. The long dungarees dress is a favorable ally for outings with friends on the terrace or for walking along the quays in summer ☀️ .
Even though the term "skirt" isn't trendy, we love this overalls trend. It's just as versatile as its cousin, the Women's Salopette Short , and is especially cute with its frilly lace. A chic printed top adds sophisticated polish in a snap. Choose a darted shirt in a rich color for the perfect outfit for school, your summer internship, or a fun night out. The dungarees dress is therefore a must have for hipster and offbeat wardrobes!

Denim Overalls, a timeless classic 👖

From denim to faded Blue Jean , La Salopette en Jean is and will remain this timeless classic with authentic charm. Easy to match, it opens up new horizons with overflowing and uncompromising azure blue. With a bib or directly attached by buckles , it has established itself throughout its history as a stylish and timeless garment . Black and light denim ? A deal made in fashion heaven! Keep your dungarees comfy and classic with all-black essentials and your favorite work shoes for an outfit that's as stylish as it is easy to wear. And yes, denim is not necessarily blue, there are a multitude of cool variants such as beige or gray streetwear ! Whether you are an absolute fan of hipster fashion or you love fashion to the last degree, then do not hesitate any longer, and grab the most denim overalls !

There Vintage or Hipster overalls 👗

In the mid to late ' 70s , young girls often wore vintage dungarees (with flared pant legs, of course). The latter came in bright colors or patterns and were often worn with frilly blouses underneath. More often woven in cotton or linen, the Vintage Salopette is in the 21st century at its peak! Let your imagination run wild with a jumpsuit full of life and colour, and treat yourself to dungarees in the old style and in tune with the times, what a paradox! In the 1950s, overalls were a sign of emancipation and worker revolt, men and women led their ideological battles through this mythical garment steeped in history. Most of the time, the overalls of this style offer adjustable straps, practical to avoid unpleasant chafing on the shoulders.