Salopette de Travail Work Overalls

Work Overalls 🔨

La Salopette de Travail has been able to transform and adapt to the self-employed! For plumbing, gardening or even to repaint the downstairs bedroom, its ingenuity makes this garment a Swiss army knife of clothing, opt for classy and intelligent overalls. Equipped with tactical pockets on the front and on the sides, the Salopette du Plombier bib stands out for its elegance and high quality of manufacture.

We all know how essential it is to feel good in your work overalls, what better than clothing that guarantees you rock-solid support to ensure permanent well-being during a day on a construction site. ! 👷

First and foremost, Workwear! 📐

Ingenious and well thought out, overalls for work at home are, at their core, garments historically made for factory workers and or heavy labor. At first, Levi Strauss launched: - the dungarees are a cheap and versatile garment. - He had a presentiment that in the future, the suspender dungarees would become a fashion element in their own right! Mainly produced thanks to a resistant and robust denim , it was perfectly suitable for the workers of the time. We find many of these practical aspects on the Overalls in Jean with a more modern cut, it also inherits the advantages of overalls, making it an essential fashion item in recent years. Easily accessible tactical pockets and the pants always perfectly maintained, a modern day plumber fits perfectly in one of our overalls! 👖

Until Become a Classic! 🔧

Overalls have been an essential tool for generations for craftsmen, it's a whole symbol that has gone through the ages and which still remains totally adapted to modern work . Its thick denim cotton weave, as in the past, provides quality and resistance to wear and tear over time. 🕰️

Recognized for its reliability, its durability and its great functionality , it seems that work overalls never let themselves get old! Woven from resistant polyester and mesh cotton at more than 65%, the seams are meticulous and perfectly maintained. Who doesn't remember Rachel's famous Jean Overalls in "Friends", which made a garment so "trendy" from a simple bib attachment. The work dungarees have been modernized, the seams have been refined to make way for multitasking dungarees , both urban and homey!
However, if you're more into fishing 🎣, the Fisherman's Overalls is a real gem of creativity and functionality. Equipped with button pocket, you can easily store your hooks and bait.